Fiction Medic - the first step in the creative writing process

Getting started

So, you have an idea.

That's fantastic!

The Fiction Medic - don't fixate on mistakes and plot problems

Enter uncertainty

Even a newly formed concept invites unwelcome chaos.

The Fiction Medic - every bestseller starts with issues befor publishing

Identifying issues

Once you have some content, then you find flaws.

The Fiction Medic - a blank page is the bane of writer's block

The next step

What now? Start over? Give up?

The Fiction Medic - teamwork makes the dream work

Collaboration is key

Join forces with The Fiction Medic.

The Fiction Medic - get back to the important process of creation

Proven process

Arrange a consultation session.

The Fiction Medic - inspiration comes in many forms, it's our specialty


Together we will uncover and unlock your potential.

The Fiction Medic - envision and imagine your future sucess


Let's turn inspiration into application.

The Fiction Medic - scripts, books, films, games, and all stories in between


There is no limit to what we can achieve right now.

The Fiction Medic - brainstorm surgery at its finest

Let's make your ideas better

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